When Mrs. Nancy Ogboi told me about the results she had gotten from juicing all types of edible vegetables, including carrots—results that even astounded her doctors in the UK—I was intrigued. As a Family Medicine Practitioner (Doctor) myself, I usually like to explore knowledge that leads to maintaining a healthier lifestyle.

After receiving lectures and getting a list of all known edible vegetables we can get locally from Mrs. Nancy Ogboi, I proceeded on my journey into the world of juicing vegetables. The first thing I noticed was my eyes; my vision became much clearer gradually. Then there was a renewed surge of energy daily. Weight loss became easier as well because I replaced some meals with juiced vegetables and started eating more vegetable salads.

This experience has led me to think about incorporating “Alternative Medicine”—using food as medicine—into my practice. It is a lifestyle and eating habit I would recommend to everyone.

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