I was diagnosed with triple-positive breast cancer stage 1 in March 2021. I commenced treatment immediately, which included chemotherapy, surgery, and radiotherapy. The treatments seemed manageable because I was never extremely sick.

Before the treatment commenced, I was introduced to Mrs. Nancy Ogboi. She taught me how to juice my vegetables and make smoothies. I drank about three glasses each of carrot and green vegetable juices daily. My smoothies, which I made with fresh lemon, beetroot, turmeric, and horseradish, became a part of my routine. Remarkably, I never needed a blood transfusion or blood supplements throughout all eight rounds of chemotherapy.

My doctors were fantastic and often curious about my consistently good blood count. I told them my secret: fresh vegetable juices and smoothies. Over three years after the treatment, I still take vegetable juices, though not every day. Mrs. Nancy Ogboi has continued to guide me through her YouTube channel, teaching me how to maintain my health and stay healthy.

I am proud to say that I am a cancer survivor.

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