Back in November 2021, I started experiencing some discomfort in my stomach, which I initially thought was caused by indigestion. However, the discomfort soon escalated into severe pains and cramps, similar to labor pains. Upon consulting my doctor, I was initially diagnosed with appendicitis and quickly underwent an appendectomy. Unfortunately, the pain persisted.

After a series of tests, it was discovered that I had a tumor in my large intestine, which was diagnosed as cancerous. This news brought a lot of worry and fear to me and my family, especially since I was scheduled for seven sessions of chemotherapy after the tumor removal surgery.

I reached out to Mrs. Nancy Ogboi, who had previously gone through chemotherapy herself. She shared her experiences, prayed with me, and provided immense support. With her encouragement, I began my chemotherapy treatment. The initial sessions brought some discomforts like trouble sleeping, numb hands, and throat pain, but I was determined to persevere.

Throughout my chemotherapy, Mrs. Nancy Ogboi provided me with valuable health tips, advising on what to eat and what to avoid. She also sent me supplements to boost my blood cells. By the time I was scheduled for my fifth chemotherapy session, my doctor was amazed at how healthy I looked. Unlike many others, I had not experienced hair loss, vomiting, the need for blood transfusions, or any severe side effects. My PCV (packed cell volume) levels remained moderate.

When my doctor asked how I managed to stay so healthy, I laughed and sought permission from Mrs. Nancy Ogboi to share her juicing and dietary advice with him. She encouraged me to do so, and I shared all the tips about juicing and eating fruits and vegetables that she had taught me.

Three years later, I am healthier than ever before. I thank God for everything and am grateful for the support and guidance from Mrs. Nancy Ogboi.

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