Mrs. Nancy Ogboi is the General Coordinator of our fellowship, the Virtuous Women Fellowship. On the 22nd of August 2023, I learned that she was coming to the Surulere branch, so I decided to attend. I knew she often held health talks, but I had assumed they were only related to cancer issues. However, I decided to speak with her about my husband’s situation.

My husband had an accident on his way to work. Though it wasn’t fatal, he sustained an injury on his right toe. The wound refused to heal, preventing him from walking or wearing shoes. We had his sugar levels tested and discovered they were high, so he began treatment to regulate his blood sugar. Despite this, there was no improvement; the toe began decomposing, the infection spread to the next toe, and it emitted a bad odor.

Fearing the possibility of amputation, I sought help. After discussing my husband’s condition with Mrs. Nancy Ogboi, she advised putting him on a specific diet. She recommended removing carbohydrates from his menu entirely and avoiding fruits with natural sugars like oranges, bananas, and watermelons. Instead, she suggested giving him vegetables and fruits without sugar, such as garden eggs, cucumbers, and avocados.

Since I didn’t have an extractor or blender, I used a small mortar to pound the vegetables into a paste, then squeezed the juice into a cup by hand or used a grater. After grating, I squeezed out the juice and used a sieve to remove any remaining particles, making the vegetable juice ready. This process became so interesting that I started making juice for myself and my children using the same method.

After three days of strictly adhering to this regimen, I noticed the surface of the sore was no longer oozing. I continued the treatment, and within a week, the surface dried up. In three weeks, I peeled off the dried surface, and in six weeks, the wound had healed completely. As I speak, it has been over seven months, and my husband is still following his diet. His sugar levels have drastically reduced, and now he can wear shoes and walk comfortably. To the glory of God, hallelujah!

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